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Q: What’s the ideal serving size for me, how do I take it, and how often should I take it?
A: There is no correct answer for this.  We recommend a starting serving size of 15 drops but we generally recommend experimenting to see what feels best to you. Some prefer 5 drops, some prefer over 50 drops per day.  We recommend you drop under the tongue, hold for 30 seconds, and then swallow.
Q: How do I know how much is in each drop?
A: The 250mg bottle has .28mg of CBD in each drop.  The 1500mg bottle has 1.67mg in each drop.  The 3000mg bottle has 3.33mg in each drop.
Q: How many drops are in a bottle?
A: Their are 900 drops in each bottle.
Q. Everyone claims they have the “highest quality” oil.  What makes yours the best?
A:  The process which we extract the oil from the Hemp is what sets us a part from all other oils. We use a slow, cool, kind process that does not damage the cannabinoids VS a high heat process which damages the cannabinoids.  We accomplish this from years of research and development.  We have patented technology that we started using many years ago on trees to extract the lignin to create products like paper. We now solely use the technology for Hemp extraction.  Shop Now
Q: Which one of your products is good for me?
A:  The 250mg CBD oil bottle is good for daily maintenance.  The 1500mg CBD oil bottle is for chronic conditions.  The 3000mg CBD oil bottle is for serious ailments and immediate pain relief.  The relieving balm is great for aches, pains, and soreness that can be applied directly to the area of concern.
Q: Will hemp oil get me high?
A: No.  All of our products are non-psychoactive.
Q. Is it safe for children and/or pets?
A:  Again, we cannot administer medical advice.  But, we can report that many toddlers are taking these products daily for many of the same medical conditions that teens and adults are using it for.  Also, we are aware of numerous pets who take these products daily without any ill effects.
Q: What is the shelf life of CBD oil?
A: If stored properly, an opened bottle will maintain its freshness for 12 months. Refrigerate after opening. Shake well before each use.
Q: Is Hemp CBD Oil legal to ?
A: Yes, hemp CBD oil is legal. You do not require a permit or recommendation from your doctor to Hemp Extract. It can be purchased online and shipped to your home, anywhere in the U.S.
Q: Will I fail a drug test?
A: It is very rare for someone to fail a drug test.  All of our oils contain very little traces of THC.  Less than .4% which is the legal limit for Hemp products.  However, there have been cases where someone did.  Every individual is different.  Weight, Metabolism, Dosage are all factors.
Q: What extraction process do you use?
While 90% of all extracts are made with Butane (fossil fuel/high pressure), Propane (fossil fuel/high pressure) or Supercritical C02 (extremely high pressure), our team of natural product developers and scientists craft a slow and gentle ethanol extraction to preserve the trichomes, cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids for the most natural and delicious tincture we have ever made. Our Pure Kind Method of extractions is credited as the reason our product is better than any of the others they have tried.
Q: How do you ship your orders?
A: We have discreet shipping labels and packages.  The shipment will come from Net Store LLC.
We ship anywhere in the USA.  We have to options:
1. $4.99 – USPS First Class (3-4 mailing days)
2. $7.00 – Priority Mail (2-3 mailing days)
United Kingdom customers please contact us for shipping options.