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The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is an amazing biological system that exists within our body, as well as in all invertebrate species. It is believed to have evolved around 600 million years ago, and is comprised of cell receptors, endocannabinoid molecules to activate the receptors, and enzymes to break down the molecules once they have been used. This amazing internal system interacts with the active compounds in the cannabis plant, such as THC, CBD and lesser
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Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, is an extract from hemp that does not get you high. This means that CBD can be used as a safe and effective food supplement, and is gaining ground as a valid medication with multiple purposes, from preventing seizures to reducing psychotic symptoms. Hemp CBD oil is completely legal, and available as an oral extract, tablet or isolate powder. Is CBD Different To THC? The two main cannabinoids (there are
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Watch Out For These Three Pitfalls When Buying CBD Hemp Oil CBD hemp oil extract is becoming increasingly more popular. As the research around it grows, more and more people are looking to use CBD supplements to benefit their health. With more demand for the product, the market has already swelled, and is expected to continue to grow over the coming years, with more health outlets and online stores offering CBD hemp oil for sale.
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CBD Hemp Oil Buyer’s Guide CBD hemp oil is becoming increasingly popular for use as a nutritional supplement, with thousands of studies building a picture of the physical and mental wellbeing that it can offer. You might be wondering where you can CBD oil? The good news is, it’s easier than you think to get hold of this marvellous gift from nature. The only difficulty comes in knowing how to find the right product. This
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